Go Skateboarding Day: A Tribute to the Skate Culture

Jun 20, 2024

Every year on June 21st, skateboarders around the world unite to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. This global event, established in 2004 by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), aims to promote skateboarding and encourage both seasoned skaters and newcomers to embrace the sport. Go Skateboarding Day is more than just an opportunity to hit the streets and perform tricks; it's a celebration of the culture, community, and creativity that define skateboarding.
  • The Origins and Purpose
Go Skateboarding Day was born out of a desire to spotlight skateboarding and its positive impact on individuals and communities. The IASC envisioned a day where skateboarders could come together, share their passion, and introduce the sport to a wider audience. By designating a day specifically for skateboarding, the IASC hoped to break down barriers and change public perceptions, showing that skateboarding is not just a hobby but a lifestyle and an art form.
  • A Global Phenomenon
From its humble beginnings, Go Skateboarding Day has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Skateboarders in cities around the globe organize events, ranging from casual meet-ups and skate sessions to competitions and skate park clean-ups. Major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, and Tokyo see thousands of skaters flooding the streets, transforming urban landscapes into temporary skateparks.
These events often include demonstrations by professional skaters, giving fans a chance to see their idols in action and learn from the best. Skate shops, brands, and organizations frequently get involved, sponsoring events and providing free gear, further fostering a sense of community and support.
  • The Spirit of Skateboarding
At its core, Go Skateboarding Day embodies the spirit of skateboarding: freedom, creativity, and camaraderie. Skateboarding has always been about pushing boundaries and expressing individuality. It's a sport that requires dedication, resilience, and a willingness to embrace failure as part of the learning process.
On Go Skateboarding Day, this spirit is magnified. Skaters of all ages and skill levels come together to share their love for the sport, support each other, and celebrate their accomplishments. It's a day where new friendships are formed, and the barriers between amateur and professional skaters disappear.
  • Β Impact on Communities
One of the most significant impacts of Go Skateboarding Day is its positive influence on communities. Skateboarding often gets a bad rap, with skaters sometimes being viewed as troublemakers. However, this day helps shift that narrative, showcasing how skateboarding can bring people together and create a sense of belonging.
Community skateboarding events often include initiatives like skate park clean-ups, fundraisers for local charities, and workshops for beginners. These activities not only improve the local environment but also promote a positive image of skateboarders as active and engaged community members.
  • How to Participate
Participating in Go Skateboarding Day is easy and fun. Here are some ideas to get involved:
1. **Join a Local Event**: Check out social media and local skate shops for events happening in your area. Whether it's a group skate session, a competition, or a park clean-up, there's likely something happening nearby.
2. **Skate with Friends**: If there's no organized event near you, gather some friends and hit your favorite spots. Share tricks, learn from each other, and enjoy the day together.
3. **Teach Someone to Skate**: Introduce a friend or family member to skateboarding. Teaching someone new to skate can be incredibly rewarding and helps grow the skateboarding community.
4. **Support Local Skate Shops**: Visit your local skate shop and pick up some new gear. Many shops host events or offer discounts on Go Skateboarding Day.
5. **Document Your Day**: Share your Go Skateboarding Day experiences on social media using the hashtag #GoSkateboardingDay. It's a great way to connect with other skaters and see how people around the world are celebrating.
Go Skateboarding Day is a celebration of everything that makes skateboarding great. It's a day to embrace the freedom, creativity, and community that skateboarding fosters. In this spirit, we are launching the Thaely Crocodile Grey Y2K Pro, this is the skate optimized version of our classic sneaker. This will be available onΒ www.thaely.comΒ at 12:00 AM IST, 21stΒ June 2024. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, June 21st is the perfect day to grab your board, hit the streets, and be part of a global movement. So, lace up your shoes, tighten those trucks, and let’s go skateboarding!Β